Random: Ebooks or physical books?


Hey there! so as I don’t know what book should I review next I thought I could ask you something to know you better!  okay so my question is: what do you like most? ebooks or physical books?


I personally love both options, but first let me tell you something fun about me..  I only buy physical books simply for VANITY yes.. I love how physical books looks like, I love to have them sitting on my shelves looking cute together. BUT I do enjoy to read on ebook solely because I feel is more comfortable. Just holding a kindle, phone or any device you have and feel less pain in your arms than holding a heavy book that you can’t carry arround. I don’t know but I think I’m going with ebooks.

Physical books are great though, I’m sucker for smelling books*inhales* John Green agrees with me.


Obviously ebooks are less expensive than physical books and I do love both of them, but even if I own a physical copy of a book I’ll probably be reading the ebook edition instead of the physical hehe.

But yeah everyone has differents thoughts so please let me know yours! what do you rather? ebooks or physical books? thanks for reading this guys! have a great day!

Gerardo xx



13 thoughts on “Random: Ebooks or physical books?

  1. For me, physical books is the best. When reading ebooks I tend to get distracted by texts and notifications. Plus, I like the look of them. I do, however, prefer paperbacks to hardcovers, because they don’t hurt so much if I drop it on my face.

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  2. I used to get ebooks quite often. But I always had to decide between the ebook or the physical book and I much prefer to own a physical copy of any book. I can get the ultimate experience out of either forms and I do agree with you that ebooks are much more practical. However, money wise, I usually buy the physical book instead

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    1. I usually buy the ebook because is more cheap and if I really liked the book I buy the physical edition. Also when I order a book and I’m dying to read it I start reading the ebook and then I switch to the physycal book when my copy arrives haha. You can tell I’m an impatient reader 😛

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  3. I know exactly what you mean!! I used to be a purely book person and totally against ebooks, but recently I’ve just begun to appreciate so much how convenient ebooks are. It was so nice reading an ebook recently, and now I’m back on a physical book, I feel somewhat disappointed. Particularly since I couldn’t fit the paperback in my tiny shoulder bag yesterday when I headed out. My Kindle would have fit so snugly.

    But, like John Green, I love the smell of books… I love them so much. The power of them, the importance of them… I love exploring them and I love looking at them.

    It’s a pity they take up so much room, though. I’ve had to give loads away recently. 😦 How many paper/hardbacks do you have compared to ebooks?

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  4. I kinda buy physical books for the same reasons you do, haha. I have a serious book buying problem because I love the way they look (and the new book smell, of course!). I much prefer reading ebooks though. They are so convenient and because I live in the middle of nowhere (and have no patience haha) it’s a way for me to get the book without having to wait.

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    1. I FEEL YOU OMG. Ebooks all the way! haha I live in a small town we basically don’t have many bookstores (all of the books are in spanish and they really expensive) so I rather get my ebook cause’ there’s no patience at all haha.


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