25 Bookish Facts About Me


Hey guys! I decided to tell you 25 bookish facts about me 😀 though, I didn’t got tagged but I still wanted to do this. Let’s get started!

1. I don’t have a favorite book or autor. I have read wonderful books but I still can’t decide a favorite one! it’s just too hard for me 😛

2. If I’m nervous and stressed I don’t read. I just can’t. If I’m in that mood I can’t enjoy the book and I end up hating it, so basically I’m trying to avoid reading books when I’m stressed.

3. I only buy physical books if the cover it’s pretty and if I have read the book and I really liked it. Since I started reading on the kindle app I stopped buying physical books because I enjoy reading more on ebook.

4. I rather ebooks than reading in physical. I just think it’s more easy and less expensive XD.

5. I try to read 150 per day. Sometimes I don’t read because NETFLIX. yass let’s procrastinate.

6. When I was little I used to hate reading. But now I love to!

7. I started reading Young Adult Contemporary.

8. I don’t like classics. I tend to get bored easily, my mom is trying to make me read them but I’m just not into LOL

9. Sometimes when I don’t know what to read I read erotic books.


10. I’d love to read the whole night but I fell asleep easily. I’m weak okay?

11. I love the smell of new books. When I buy a book I always smell it. IT’S A NECTAR.


12. I love booktube. I love to spend my afternoon watching booktubers and binge watch all of their videos.

13. Goodreads is my favorite website ever. I love to read other people opinions, comment their reviews, see what they’re reading. Goodreads is my bae.

14. I can read in a car, a bus, hospitals, etc.  But I don’t like to cause people always interrump me. MUGGLES.

15. I’m not a quiet reader. While I’m reading a book I yell to the characters when they’re doing something . Also when something cute happens I start to jump from happines, yell and cry happy tears. Yep. I’m a fanboy.

16. I do listen to audiobooks. When I’m busy doing something and I can’t read, though I rather reading than listen.

17. I don’t own too many books. The 98% of the books I read are on kindle.

18. I have a few friends who read but they don’t read the type of books I like.

19. I’ve never read The Hunger Games. I’m not interested on reading those series and honestly I think I’ll never will.

20. I leave books when I’m not ejoying them. It used to hurt me at the beggining but now I’m cool with that.

21. I like to listen to book playlists on 8tracks. 

22. I don’t like to take my books out.

23. Also I don’t like to borrow my books. But there might be exceptions.

24. I get in a reading slump too easy.

 25. I love when my friends ask me for book recomentations. It’s one of the greatest feelings ever JFKDGKFD.

So yeah these are my bookish facts! thank you for reading this and if you have something in common with me let me know! I’d love to hear your thoughts 🙂

Gerardo xx

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